There is nothing prettier than photographing an infant. You are capturing (or trying to capture) all the innocence, grace, and character of a kid in a photo. At times, the photos you are taking are the first serious attempt to have that subject image saved forever. collage for FBThis newcomer’s name is Michael Valdes and even when at times he covered his face with all his might he kept on been the cutest thing.
FB MichaelThese two frames are sequential (top and bottom). While photographing a newborn you have to be in an estate of alert and anticipation. One minute your subject display shyness and a second later he wants to be a “Super Hero”.
FB_Infant_stretchingMint Memoire Studios Miami and Georgia. A unique photographic experienceMichael was fed right before the session, so he remained asleep for most of the shooting.Mint Memoire Studios Miami and Georgia. A unique photographic experienceAnother fact to take into account is the excitement of the family and in particular of any brother or sister with the arrival of the baby. Below is Michael’s four year old sister heralding the families latest news. “Priceless” Mint Memoire Studios Miami and Georgia. A unique photographic experienceThat burst of happiness and joy is a testimonial of goodness recorded for years to come.
7734MintMemoireStudios_BlogThat instant when the kid dedicates you that priceless expression is your secret reward, however, one that comes attached to the responsibility of recording that fraction of a second as a unique “Mint Memoire”7806Mint Memoire Studios blog