Portrait photography is a term that homes pretty much all photos you may be able to shoot to a subject, from a reasonable distance. From a head-shot to a full length photo, and every thing else in between, can be considered a portrait. What is it that designates a picture as a portrait: Conscious or unconscious display of emotion from the person photographed. IMG_8652_blogA portrait is a photo that speaks to the viewer in a universal language, where there is no need to explanations other than perhaps place and time.
IMG_7839_blogThe shot presented above and below corroborate my previous comments. You can immerse yourself in the feeling of the subject and even detect at times whether he or she wanted to be photographed or not.IMG_8634_blogPracticing portrait photography to me is some sort of an addiction in which you never have enough of or from a subject.IMG_8582_blogIn these photos, my model is Mimi, a beautiful future actress that I have been photographing since she was much younger. Her sweetness and willingness to be photographed makes her a joy to work with.IMG_8512_blogThe above displayed head-shots were taken for an audition. I also had a chance to take her “Quince” photos (some of which are displayed below)


Portrait sessions can be taken at a studio or outside. One can not ignore the fact that sometimes studio lights and equipment can be intimidating to your subject and that uneasiness will be showcased in your photos. The photographer has to know and understand when to shoot outside or at the studio. IMG_5959_BlogThe photos below were taken the same day and the subject is also a future movie star. He is capable to present visible emotions for the camera, “on demand”.IMG_5097_blog composition_blogBelow is a portrait of his brother. Lighting is vital to an good in-studio portrait (low key)Mint Memoire Studios Miami and Georgia. A unique photographic experienceBelow is the opposite as far as lighting. The illumination style is called high key.IMG_5667_blog


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