Hello, this is Manuel Buznego II. I carry the flag of the second generation of dedicated and passionate professional photographers in our family. I have witnessed, lived, adapted and embraced the digital revolution that have taken over this profession. I have practiced professional photography for over three decades, and until today, there has not been a day where I have not enjoy it.

How it all started in our family:

Manuel Buznego Sr. started our company back in Havana in 1952. What he first practiced as a hobby developed into a profession that cherished with passion, elevating his name and reputation as one of the most famous and renowned photographers in Cuba. His main goal on every assignment was to “deliver excellence in each picture.”
Among his clients in what was then prosperous Cuba were the biggest advertising agencies, like OPLA, Grand Advertising, McCaan Erikson, Godoy y Cros and others. His works included not only photography, but also producing television commercials and short documentaries.

As a consequence of Castro’s regime, Manuel Buznego Sr. decided to leave Cuba in 1969 and relocate to Madrid. There, his talent and knowledge in the field led him to work for advertising agencies such as Foote Cone & Belding, Arce & Potti, PVP, APA, and many others. In 1977, political turmoil once again led him to relocate — this time to Miami where his work ranged from advertising product shots to the investigation and development of a posterization process. After his passing in 1984, the second generation of Buznegos followed his footsteps, introducing to the business the many innovations brought about by the digital revolution.
We pride ourselves in bringing clients years of experience adapted to the latest trends in photography. Photojournalism and traditional editorial photos combine to cover your memories regardless of what they are.
Our goal today, as it was in 1952, is to bring our clients the latest and best innovations while at the same time delivering excellence in each picture.



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